Moving Sites

Hello! Sorry for not posting lately. I'll be taking my talents to Fanatic Media, which is just starting up with a great team of creators. The writing won't change, and there will be more of it with the rest of the team, so if you enjoyed what I've written, please considering giving us a follow... Continue Reading →

Where I’ve been

Short answer? Disney and Montana. Longer answer? It's been a pretty busy time over the past couple weeks so I've been slowly working my way through Kingdom Hearts and Far Cry 5 in my off time. KH is an interesting experience. I've been playing the first one with the plan of eventually playing KH3 when... Continue Reading →

Horizon Zero Dawn Review

When I first heard about Horizon Zero Dawn, it was in the conversation for Game of the Year…a couple weeks after its release in March 2017. Unfortunately, it was usually in a sentence like “This would be Game of the Year, if not for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” After reading some reviews... Continue Reading →

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade is truly an experience, beginning to end. I found it when a YouTuber I follow mentioned it as one of his favorite games of 2017, and it certainly is among the best I’ve played. Gameplay The controls for this game are fairly simple. Aside from the movement sticks, there’s only the “interact” button (for... Continue Reading →

Aquaman Review

  So I just saw Aquaman. I’m honestly having trouble finding words for this one, and I think that’s just because it’s kind of…blah? The first part of this post will be spoiler-free. I’ll put up a warning once I start some light spoiling.   Aquaman follows the standard super hero origin story. Man (yes... Continue Reading →

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