Aquaman Review

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So I just saw Aquaman. I’m honestly having trouble finding words for this one, and I think that’s just because it’s kind of…blah?

The first part of this post will be spoiler-free. I’ll put up a warning once I start some light spoiling.


Aquaman follows the standard super hero origin story. Man (yes I say man – I can’t wait for Captain Marvel) with super powers faces world ending challenge, doubts himself, gets the girl, wins. Rinse, repeat.

The acting was…fine. The action was pretty good. The dialogue was at times cringy.

Jason Momoa shines as the titular hero. He brings a ton of humor to the role, which is good since Aquaman is usually met with…mockery? Not sure that’s the right word. But even in the comics, people treat him as the joke of the Justice League (although, now that I think about it, the Justice League movie is itself treated as a joke…along with the rest of the DCEU – I’m a Marvel guy so I like mocking the DCEU).

None of the rest of the acting stood out. Some of the actORS did stand out (like “oh look, it’s Dolph Lundgren” and “oh I didn’t know Willem Dafoe was in this”). I did enjoy Amber Heard as Mera (who looks remarkably like Scarlett Johansson). And Nicole Kidman was…Nicole Kidman.

In all, if you like super hero movies, you’ll be fine seeing this. There are many (many) jump-scares, two CGI armies, and it is much easier to follow if you know some of the back story from the comics (they don’t explain as much as I’d like, though I’m sure some people appreciate the lack of exposition.


At the end of the day, you don’t NEED to have seen the previous movies to see and follow this one. But it helps.


Okay, now it’s (light) **SPOILER TIME**



Just once, I want to watch a super hero movie without two CGI armies fighting a meaningless battle (it seems like it’s always either CGI armies or sky-beams). Though this time it involved

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One problem that I had with the plot (aside from the clichés) is that it featured two significant Aquaman villains. While King Orm is the primary, Black Manta seems to mostly be there to set up the next movie. He did serve a role in the plot, but only as secondary antagonism. I guess we’ll have to wait to see what they do with the next one (if there is one), but he seems like too important a villain in the canon to serve as secondary. It’d be like if they used Spider-Man 1 to introduce Doc Oct and have him play a smallish role. Just felt weird.


Those are my thoughts for now. Hopefully you’re not put off by my overuse of parentheses.


Signing off…


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