Where I’ve been

Short answer? Disney and Montana.

Longer answer? It’s been a pretty busy time over the past couple weeks so I’ve been slowly working my way through Kingdom Hearts and Far Cry 5 in my off time.

KH is an interesting experience. I’ve been playing the first one with the plan of eventually playing KH3 when it came out. After playing the first, I’m definitely not paying full price for KH3. I recognize KH as a good game and a good concept, but I have some nitpicks that make it a chore to play.

My biggest problem is the controls. There is a small menu in the bottom left corner that has 4 options, and these options are used during combat. Yes, you heard me. You are supposed to scroll through multiple menus while you’re trying to fight a big-ass boss. And the worst part is there are UNUSED BUTTONS on the controller. When I’m trying to dodge fireballs from Cerberus, I don’t want to have to scroll down (without pausing) to select a health potion or a summon. It’s just not efficient.

I made it to the last level (fighting dragon-Melificent) before rage quitting and I haven’t gone back. This was the first time I played a Kingdom Hearts game (I never had a PlayStation before now) and the only way I’m going back to it is months from now when I don’t have something else to play (which is unlikely given how many games I have in my backlog).

The other game I’ve been playing is Far Cry 5 and boy, do I enjoy it. I’ve literally be staring at this game since it came out but other games came first. I was really excited to explore this small section of Montana and take it back from a cult. Unfortunately, I only started to play it after Far Cry New Dawn was revealed, so it’s ending has been well and spoiled for me (I’ve only liberated one of the three regions so far).

It’s my first FPS in a while and it only took about 5 minutes to get my sniper thumb back (I’m playing on Xbox). I really don’t have any major complaints about this game so far. The villains are suitably vile and whenever they’re on screen I just want to punch them in the face. If I were to have one complaint, it’s that switching between weapons isn’t super easy. Usually with FPS games, I only need to push “Y” and it’ll switch to the side arm. Here you need to bring up the weapon wheel, which I don’t have a problem with itself, but it’s not only enough to highlight the weapon, you need to hold on it when closing the wheel. It’s a small problem, but when I’m trying to quickly switch it’s one extra second lost. I’m eager to continue playing and finishing the story, but odds are it’ll take me a couple more weeks.

I’ve want to post more, mostly to hold myself accountable to finishing more games. Once I’m done with Far Cry 5, I want to switch to Shadow of the Colossus (also never played), followed by finishing Breath of the Wild (I’ve only completed 2 of the divine beasts — I’m sure it’ll take me weeks just to finish this).

Does Kingdom Hearts’ UI piss you off too? Head to the comments and let me know. Also always welcome to recommendations for games to play (It’s probably safe to say I haven’t it).

Until next time.

Signing off…

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